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8 Resources for Peacefully Resolving Church Conflicts

In our ongoing conversations with church leaders, as well as our collaboration with colleagues at Leadership Journal, Out of Ur, and BuildingChurchLeaders.com, we know conflict remains one of the biggest detractors from a healthy church office environment. So we're keenly aware ...

Accidents Caused by Teenage Drivers

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For more information on keeping the youth in your church safe, visit the "Youth" section of ChurchSafety.com. You'll find topics on High Risk Student Activities, Safe Mentoring Relationships, and more.

Is Porn a Problem in Your Church Office?

An eye-opening national headline emerged last week, providing a timely sneak peek into our upcoming issue of Your Church magazine.

The inspector general for the Securities and Exchange Commission–the organization tasked with enforcing the laws and regulations that govern the ...

Lawsuits in the Church

By all accounts, America has become the most litigious society on the face of the earth. In the last decade, civil caseloads have increased by 33 percent, which is five times faster than the increase in our population. As a result, new case filings in state courts now exceed ...

What Will the New Health Care Bill Mean for Churches?

(Editor's Note: Since this post publishes, we've since released "Health Care Reform: How the new laws will affect your church.")

Now that President Obama has signed the health care reform bill into law, many churches are wondering what the impact will be on staffing costs.

"Does ...

Is Preaching Against Homosexuality a Hate Crime?

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Richard offered thorough coverage of this topic in the March/April issue of Church Law & Tax Report. Subscribe to the bimonthly newsletter to get thorough law and tax coverage throughout the year.

How Finance, Sexual Wrongdoings Challenged One Church
A pastor's worst nightmare leads to a new beginning.

My lawyer said, "Just follow my lead and answer the questions he asks, and everything will be okay." I clung to his advice as I entered the smartly decorated boardroom lined with towering bookshelves. The first thing I noticed was the videographer and stenographer setting up ...

Oregon Case Provides a Powerful Reminder to Churches

Editor's Note: On March 5, 2010, this post was corrected to show the trial court originally ruled in favor of the pastor, and this ruling was recently affirmed on appeal. The correct version appears in full below:

Last week, an Oregon appeals court issued an important ruling ...

FCC Ruling May Affect Many Churches
Microphone systems must comply with June 12 deadline.

Editor's note: Since this posting appeared on January 22, Your Church has published a more in-depth article on the FCC's ruling: "Racing the FCC Mic Deadline."

The Federal Communications Commission has set a deadline of June 12 for organizations to stop using any wireless systems, ...

Legally Host A Super Bowl Party
Churches must abide by NFL guidelines.

If your church is hosting a Super Bowl party this year, you will need to abide by three simple guidelines to avoid violating copyright law. Attorney David Middlebrook, who specializes in representing tax-exempt organizations and is a member of our Editorial Advisory Board, lays ...

Zero Tolerance for Church Embezzlement
Extended sentences put churches on notice.

A sad story emerged last week out of Indiana, where a 37-year-old woman accused of stealing more than $350,000 from a church while working there as an employee received the maximum sentence allowed by the state.

According to an article in the Greencastle Banner-Graphic, the local ...

Resolving Conflict in the Church Office
5 ways to biblically approach a disagreement

The scenario that got both Sally and Jim both terminated from their company could have run like this:

Jim: All I said was that I needed the documents, completed and signed, by tomorrow night.

Sally: Don't tell me that's all you said. You demanded it!

Jim: I asked nicely.

Sally: ...

Church Shootings in the Spotlight
Continued coverage shows need for planning, preparation.

Last week's Washington Post article, "Sense of Sanctuary Lost as Church Attacks Spike," underscores the unfortunate attention that church shootings now draw from national media and those outside of ministry.

The Post's piece recounts several recent, high-profile shooting incidents, ...

Should Your Church Hire a Sex Offender?
A small Kentucky church recently did. What are the implications?

A church in Louisville, Kentucky, generated local and national media attention earlier this month, not because it allowed a convicted sex offender to attend its services, but because the church pastor decided to hire and ordain one.

WHAS-TV, a local television station, as well ...

Reading the Fine Print

The deal sounded good.

About 50 churches in the Washington, D.C., area leased interactive electronic kiosks for their entrance areas so that members and visitors could check on activities and news and register for classes and meetings. The selling point? Church leaders say the ...

Richard R. Hammar

Richard Hammar is senior editor for Church Law & Tax Report, and Church Finance Today. He serves as legal counsel to the Assembly of God denomination. He is an attorney and CPA, specializing in legal and tax issues for churches and clergy. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he ...



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