Exempt Employees: What You Can and Cannot Do
An explanatory chart for church leaders.
The Employer MAY But The Employer CANNOT
Set general work hours   Dock the exempt employee's pay because he or she failed to work "40 hours"
Permit or deny an employee's request to take a partial day off   Dock the employee's pay for taking a partial day off
Suspend an employee for disciplinary reasons   Dock the employee's pay unless the employee was suspended for an entire week or the employee was disciplined for a violation of major safety regulations
Require that an employee schedule appointments outside of work hours or   Require that an exempt employee "put in" his or her 40 hours
Permit the employee to schedule an outside appointment during working hours   Classify a nonexempt employee as an exempt in order to avoid paying overtime
Require that an exempt employee "get his or her job done"   Require that an exempt employee "make up" time he or she missed.
Promote a nonexempt employee to an exempt position by assigning additional responsibilities that require independent discretion    

This article first appeared in Church Finance Today, November 2008.

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Posted: November 3, 2008



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