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Q&A: Is Airfare for a Short-Term Missions Trip Tax Deductible?

Each of our missionaries is responsible for purchasing his or her airline tickets. Would this be considered a tax-deductible contribution or just a personal expense? Further, a church member wants to purchase the ticket so that a participant can go on the missions trip. Is the payment—made directly by the church member to the airline for the participant's airfare—tax deductible?

For the participant buying a ticket for him/herself: Yes, the airfare is tax deductible as a volunteer expense. The participant purchasing the ticket will need a statement from the church that says he or she is required to pay for the airfare in order to perform volunteer services on the missions trip. The statement must also say that no goods or services were provided by the church in exchange for the participant's purchase of the ticket. The participant will also need a copy of the itinerary ...

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  • September 28, 2016

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