Workers' Compensation: Who Is—and Isn't—Covered?
Workers' Compensation: Who Is—and Isn't—Covered?
A look at how churches should weigh costs and coverages.

Ministry can be a surprisingly hazardous profession.

Just ask Luke Trouten.

Back in 2010, Trouten, a youth pastor at Northwood Church in Maple Grove, Minnesota, was on a missions trip with junior high students when they decided to cool off at a local park.

Things went well till Trouten fell off a ledge and busted his leg.

"I ended up with some rods and screws and all kinds of things," he said. "Didn't walk for almost a year."

Fortunately for Trouten, workers' compensation covered all of his medical bills—including a couple of surgeries and a long hospital stay.

The process, at least as far as paperwork went, was fairly simple. The church's office manager took care of contacting the insurance company. Once the company determined Trouten was working when he was injured, his bills were covered.

Accidents like Trouten's aren't that uncommon.

Staff and volunteers get hurt at church all the time, said Bill Mech, assistant vice president for health services and workers' compensation at GuideOne Insurance, a company that specializes in insuring churches.

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Posted: August 8, 2017
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