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Freedom of Religion - Part 3

• The California Supreme Court ruled that two former members of the Unification Church could sue the Church for fraud and outrageous conduct. One of the members (David Molko) had been recruited by the Church in 1979 following his graduation from law school. He was approached by two Church members, while waiting for a bus, and was invited to a gathering of "socially conscious people from different occupations who met in the evenings to discuss important issues." When asked if the group had a "religious connection," the two Church members said no. They did not reveal to Molko that they were members of the Unification Church, or that their sole purpose in inviting him to dinner was to recruit him into the Church. Molko agreed to attend the dinner. Following the dinner there was a lecture on social problems after which there was a slide show about a "farm" a few hours away that was described ...

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