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Personal Injuries - Part 1

On Church Property or During Church Activities


• Is a church legally responsible for the emotional distress suffered by the parents of a three-year-old child who wandered away from a church-operated child care center and who was found and returned unharmed by a neighbor two hours later? No, concluded a state appeals court in Ohio. The parents had dropped their child off at the church in the morning, and were called later that day by a church employee who informed them of the incident. The parents claimed to have suffered "severe emotional distress" as a result of the incident, and they sued the church on account of its "negligent infliction of emotional distress." A trial court ruled in favor of the church, and the parents appealed. The state appeals court also ruled in favor of the church. It noted that under Ohio law the parents' claim of "negligent infliction of emotional distress" required a finding that their emotional distress ...

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