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Personal Injuries - Part 3

On Church Property or During Church Activities


• Church vehicles can create unique legal risks. Consider the following case. A church bus driver discovered that his brakes were not working properly when he was required to make a sudden stop to avoid a vehicle that stopped abruptly in front of him. Though the driver succeeded in stopping the bus, he realized that the bus had lost much of its braking ability. Instead of parking the bus and calling for assistance, the driver elected to continue with his passengers to their nearby destination. As he proceeded through traffic, he noticed a car stopped 200 feet in front of him waiting to make a left turn. The driver downshifted the bus to its lowest gear and applied the brakes. Though the bus had some braking power, the driver soon realized that the bus would strike the car. A few moments later, while attempting to apply the emergency brake, the bus in fact struck the car, injuring the ...

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