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Child Care Worker, Dismissed for Striking Child, Sues Former Employer

An Ohio court recently faced a difficult issue.

• Can a child care worker who is dismissed for striking a child sue the child care facility for breach of contract and defamation? That was the difficult question presented to an Ohio state appeals court. A child care center hired a woman as the head teacher in a class of 2-year-old children. The center enrolled a 2-year-old boy who cried a great deal during his first few days at the facility. An employee informed the director that the teacher in the 2-year-old class had struck the boy. When the director entered the classroom, she saw the boy crying hysterically. As she was removing the boy from the room, she noticed a hand-mark on his face. Upon being questioned, the boy stated (and demonstrated) that the teacher had put her hand over his mouth and shook him. The teacher was confronted with this information, but denied it. However, she offered no other explanation as to the boy's condition. ...

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