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Member Sues Unincorporated Church for Injuries

This issue was addressed in a recent case.

• Can a member of an unincorporated church sue the church for injuries received on church property? That was the issue addressed by the Texas Supreme Court in a recent case. A member of a Congregational church was taking her minor son to a church child-care program. As she entered the educational building (on the church premises), she slipped and fell, resulting in injuries to her back. She later sued the church, alleging that her injury was caused by the church's negligence. Specifically, she alleged that the church had been negligent in permitting the tile floor in the educational building to become slippery from moisture, and in failing to warn her of the dangerous condition. The victim had been a member of the church for 4 years, and she was on the church's administrative board. At the time of the accident, the church was unincorporated (it incorporated a few years after the accident). ...

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