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Travel Expense Substantiation Rates for 1992

The IRS recently announced new rates.

New per diem rates for substantiating the amount of travel expenses incurred in 1992 have been released by the IRS. The IRS allows taxpayers to substantiate the amount of their business expenses by using "per diem" (daily) rates. Taxpayers still must have records substantiating the date, place, and business purpose of each expense. There are separate rates for meals and lodging, and separate rates for "high-cost localities" and all other communities. The rates effective March 1, 1992, are summarized in the table below.

Per Diem Rates—March 1, 1992

locality (destination of overnight travel) lodging per diem rate meals and incidental expense per diem rate maximum per diem rate
high-cost localities $113 $34 $147
all other localities $67 $26 $93

For a listing of "high-cost localities," see chapter 6 (Tables 6-6 and 6-7) in Richard Hammar's Church and Clergy Tax Guide, available from the publisher of this newsletter. As of March 1, 1992, the list of high-cost localities changes. Add to the list Keystone/Silverthorne (Colorado). Subtract from the list San Diego and Santa Barbara (California), Atlanta (Georgia), Annapolis (Maryland), Andover, Lowell, Quincy, and Plymouth (Massachusetts), Detroit (Michigan), and Princeton (New Jersey).

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