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Parliamentary Law

When boards are allowed to reconsider their actions in meetings.

Key point. Deliberative bodies have the right under parliamentary law to reconsider their actions as often as they deem necessary.

A Florida court ruled that a county zoning board did not act improperly when it voted to approve a land use variance and 5 minutes later reconsidered its action and voted to deny the variance. The board was presented with a request by a landowner for a variance to construct a home on his beachfront property contrary to a local zoning ordinance. The board voted 3 to 2 to grant the variance. It then recessed for 5 minutes. Upon its return to reconsider an unrelated matter one of the board members who had voted in favor of the variance announced that he had suffered a "lapse of consciousness" in casting his vote. He made a motion to reopen the hearing on the previous issue, which the board unanimously passed. Upon reconsideration the board voted to deny the ...

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