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12-Year-Old Raped After Leaving School Outing

Court rules that the school is not liable.

New York
Key point. Churches that fail to adequately monitor or supervise children's activities may be legally responsible for resulting injuries on the basis of negligent supervision. However, they may be excused from liability for injuries occurring as a result of unforeseeable criminal activity.

A New York court found a school not liable on the basis of negligent supervision for the rape of a 12—year—old girl that occurred when she left a school outing without permission. The victim and her class of 30 students were attending a school outing at a public park. She left the group to have lunch at a nearby pizza restaurant. Upon returning to the park, she discovered that her class had left. Instead of returning to school, she walked home. While walking home she was abducted and raped by two adolescent males. The victim sued the school, claiming that her injuries were caused by its ...

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