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Prosecution of Child Molesters

Public statements made by accused molesters may be used against them in court.

Key point. Statements made to a church congregation by a staff member who is accused of child molestation may be admissible in a later criminal prosecution.
Key point. Prior incidents of misconduct are often helpful in refuting a church youth worker's claim that his inappropriate touching of a child was accidental and innocent.

! The Rhode Island Supreme Court ruled that a statement made by a child molester to his church congregation could be used against him in a criminal prosecution. A 6—year—old girl (victim) and her family attended a church for the first time on a Sunday morning. Following the worship service, the victim went upstairs to the church's gymnasium where she saw an adult male (the defendant) giving piggyback rides to young children. There were no other adults present. While the defendant was giving the victim a piggyback ride, he reached his hand beneath ...

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  • November 3, 1997

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