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Chaplains and Miranda Warnings

It is important for police chaplains to clearly understand when they are required to provide Miranda warnings.


Key point. In some cases, police chaplains may be required to provide criminal suspects with the Miranda warnings before speaking with them.

* An Indiana court ruled that a police chaplain was not required to provide a murder suspect with the Miranda warnings before speaking with him since police officers had done so a few days before. A seven-month-old infant died suddenly. An autopsy determined that the infant died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Shortly after the child's funeral, however, his father admitted to his wife that he had killed the child by wrapping his head in plastic wrap and suffocating him. The father then went to the local police station and told several detectives that he had killed his son, explaining that he did so as an act of revenge against his wife for refusing to return from a vacation to attend his father's funeral. He also gave two taped statements to ...

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