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Video Recordings as Evidence

If your church uses surveillance cameras, check with an attorney to determine what conditions apply to their use as evidence.


Key Point. Video recordings made by church surveillance cameras may not be admissible as evidence in criminal prosecutions unless they comply with the conditions specified by state law.

A Georgia court ruled that a video recording of a burglary on church premises was admissible as evidence in the perpetrator's burglary trial. Many churches have installed video cameras as both a deterrent to crime and a means of identifying persons who engage in criminal behavior. Video recordings may be admissible as evidence in criminal prosecutions, but there are conditions that may apply. A recent case illustrates this important point. A church custodian arrived at work to discover that the front door was damaged and a side window was broken. He immediately called the police. After the investigating officer arrived, she determined that someone had "busted in" the front door with a sharp object in order ...

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  • September 1, 2008

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