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Youth Pastor Jailed for Sexual Misconduct

Clergy may face extremely severe consequences for sexual abuse and exploitation.

Key point 4-11.1. Clergy who engage in sexual contact with an adult or minor are subject to civil liability on the basis of several legal theories. They also are subject to criminal liability.

A Washington state court affirmed a 15-year prison sentence for a youth pastor for engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct with two female members of his youth group. The youth pastor (the "defendant") had sexual intercourse with a member of his youth group on six occasions. He persuaded another member of the youth group to disrobe while they were communicating with a computer, web-cam, and cell phones. Both minors informed their mothers of the defendant's conduct, and the defendant's acts were reported to the police. The defendant was charged with first degree sexual misconduct for engaging in sexual intercourse with the one minor. He was also charged with unlawful communication with a minor for an ...

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