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Liability for Off-Site Activities

Several factors determine whether an organization is liable for injuries off church property.


A Florida court ruled that a church was not liable for catastrophic injuries suffered by a student enrolled in the church's private school, who became intoxicated at an off-site school party and slammed into a tree while driving home. This case is important, since it addresses a common question—the liability of a school or church for injuries occurring during off-site activities.


Several students at a church-operated secondary school (the "School") received cards inviting them to an "end-of-the-year party" at the home of two of the students. On some of the cards a bottle of liquor was faintly visible in the background. The cards were not prepared or distributed by the school, its faculty, or administration.

On the morning before the party, the school principal brought the two students (brothers) hosting the party at their home into his office so he could question them. The students ...

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