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Beware of Church Seminar Scams

Questionable practices make some investigation essential.

Issues that affect ministers and churches

The scam. Over the past several years, a small number of unscrupulous persons have engaged in shameful fear tactics to frighten pastors and other church leaders into attending worthless seminars on church and clergy tax issues. Advertising is filled with misrepresentations and gross exaggerations with one goal in mind—to frighten and intimidate church leaders into attending a tax seminar and buying worthless products and services.

Sadly, some individuals use fear tactics to compensate for their total lack of professional qualifications. After all, anyone can appear knowledgeable and authoritative by frightening seminar audiences with phony IRS forms, false reporting requirements, and wild claims about IRS audits of churches and ministers. Few people are knowledgeable enough to question such tactics.

Tragically, many have been duped into attending ...

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  • February 26, 2014

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