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Church Not Responsible for Rape of Teenage Girl by Camp Worker

Court says church and camp exercised sufficient care in selection and supervision of worker.

A North Carolina appeals court ruled that a church was not responsible on the basis of negligence for the rape of an adolescent camper by an adult worker at a church camp. The court concluded that the church and camp had exercised sufficient care in the selection and supervision of the worker to rebut the allegation of negligence. A 16-year-old female (the "victim") attended a summer camp owned and operated by a national religious denomination and a regional affiliate (the "church defendants"). On the last night of camp, an activity called "the Game" was conducted. The purpose of the Game was for campers to sneak around camp staff members through a wooded area, in the dark, and ring a bell located at the top of a hill. The Game was restricted to senior high campers. All participants were required to play with partners for safety purposes. The victim and a friend were partners, and at some ...

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  • April 30, 2014

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