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Church Deacon Secretly Records Teenage Girls in His Bathroom

A 10-year sentence at hard labor stands up in court.

Last Reviewed: April 1, 2021
Key point. The use of hidden cameras to secretly record minors undressing in a restroom or locker room may result in criminal liability for the felony of video voyeurism.

A Louisiana court affirmed a sentence of 10 years at hard labor for a church deacon who made video recordings of teenage girls with a camera hidden in a bathroom in his home during a church youth retreat.

The deacon (the "defendant") hosted a weekend church retreat at his home. The retreat was for young female church members. Seven girls attended, all under the age of 17. Prior to their arrival, the defendant installed hidden video cameras in the bathroom the girls would be using during the weekend. During their stay, one of the girls discovered the camera and removed it. She alerted her parents. Several images of the girls had been recorded in various stages of undress and nudity. The authorities were notified.

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