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Former Scout Leader Sued for Molestation

Court rules scouting organization is not responsible.

Key point 10-04.2. Some courts have found churches not liable on the basis of negligent selection for the molestation of a minor by a church worker since the church exercised reasonable care in the selection of the worker.
Key point 10-04.3. Churches can reduce the risk of liability based on negligent selection for the sexual molestation of minors by adopting risk management policies and procedures.
Key point 10-07. A church may exercise reasonable care in selecting ministers or other church workers but still be responsible for their misconduct if it "retained" them after receiving information indicating that they posed a risk of harm to others.

An Illinois court ruled that a scouting organization was not responsible for the molestation of a young boy by a former scout leader. A minor boy (the "victim") was sexually molested by a scout leader. The victim's mother sued the scout leader (the ...

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