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Louisiana Court Affirms Decade Sentence for Church Volunteer Convicted of Molestation

Key point 10-09.3. Churches can reduce the risk of liability based on negligent supervision for the sexual molestation of minors by adopting risk management policies and procedures.

A Louisiana appeals court affirmed a 10-year sentence at hard labor for a volunteer youth worker who raped a 13-year-old girl while taking her home from a church event. A 13-year old girl (the "victim") attended youth group meetings at a church. The victim and several other members of the youth group went to dinner at a local restaurant. Some of the volunteer youth workers also attended this event, including an adult male (the "defendant") and his pregnant wife and 1-year-old son. The defendant and his wife drove separately to the restaurant.

After dinner, the defendant's wife wanted to take their infant son home. The defendant volunteered to take the victim home in his truck, and it was during this ride that the ...

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  • June 23, 2016

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