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Best Practices for Installing Security Cameras at Your Church

How to make the most of surveillance technology.

In this interview with Nathan Parr he shares his insights on security cameras. Nathan spent 12 years as the operations manager for the 4,000-member First Baptist Church of Belton, Texas.

How many security cameras do you have at First Baptist Church, and where are they located?

We have 54 active cameras throughout the entire complex. You can’t come inside our main campus without being on camera. You enter any door, and I can track you throughout the entire building until you leave. I can do that with only 54 cameras on our main campus that takes up about two city blocks. It’s about 115,000 square feet.

Why does a church like yours need 54 cameras? Why do you need to track me from the time I walk in until the time I leave?

Cameras, they’re passive. They record data; that’s all they do. They interpret and don’t act upon it. We have them as a way to determine what ...

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  • October 26, 2017

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