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Church Volunteer Given 35-Year Prison Sentence for Raping a Minor

Key point 10-09.3. Churches can reduce the risk of liability based on negligent supervision for the sexual molestation of minors by adopting risk management policies and procedures.

An Indiana court affirmed a 35-year prison sentence for a church’s volunteer driver who raped an adolescent female who was the only passenger in his vehicle during a trip to a church activity. An adult male (the “defendant”) attended a church in Indiana, and drove parishioners to and from church using a van owned by the church. One day, the defendant drove a 13-year-old girl (the “victim”) and her family to and from the church. On the drive home, he told the victim that there was an activity planned for teens at the church the following day and that she should call him if she wanted to attend. The following day, the victim obtained her father’s permission to attend the church ...

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