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Issues that affect ministers and churches
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"Fair Use" and Copyright Infringement Member access only


"Off-campus" Religious Instruction Doesn't Violate First Amendment Member access only

Freedom of Religion

$65 Million Charitable Contribution Deduction Denied by IRS Because of Failure to Meet Substantiation Requirements Member access only

Charitable Contributions

15-Employee Requirement for Churches Member access only

Employment Practices; Sexual Harassment

A Nearly $22 Million Verdict for Sexual Abuse Not Excessive, Affirms Federal Appeals Court Member access only

Sexual Misconduct by Clergy, Lay Employees, and Volunteers

Accident Victim Refuses Blood Transfusion; Dies Member access only

Freedom of Religion

Age Discrimination Member access only

Age Discrimination and Denomination Policy Member access only

Clergy - Removal; Denominations - Legal Liability; Employment Practices

Age Discrimination and Religious Schools Member access only


Age Discrimination Claims Member access only

Employment Practices; Schools

Age Discrimination Law and Religious Organizations Member access only

Appeals Court Barred by First Amendment for Minister’s Terminated Retirement Benefits Member access only

Retirement Plans

Application of Laws to Specified Number of Employees Member access only

Denominations - Legal Liability; Employment Practices

Arbitration Member access only


Arbitration Rulings in Church Disputes May Be Reviewed by Courts Member access only

Audits Member access only

Church Records

Aurora Movie Theater Could Be Liable for 2012 Shooting Member access only

Personal Injuries on Church Property or During Church Activities

Avoiding Defamation Lawsuits Member access only

Defamation; Invasion of Privacy

Bankruptcy Member access only

Bankruptcy; Church Membership

Benefits Received for Contributions Member access only

Charitable Contributions
1–20 of 231 MATCHes
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