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Issues that affect ministers and churches
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Adding Defendants to a Lawsuit Member access only


Arbitration Member access only


Are Churches Responsible for Injuries by Outside Groups on Its Property? Member access only

Church Property; Personal Injuries on Church Property or During Church Activities

Child Abuse - Part 1 Member access only

Child Abuse

Child Abuse - Part 2 Member access only


Church Board Guilty of Defamation Member access only


Church Deacon Secretly Records Teenage Girls in His Bathroom Member access only


Church Member's Defamation Suit Dismissed Member access only


Church School May Have Violated Dismissed Teacher's Rights under Family and Medical Leave Act Member access only

Employment Practices

Church Sued for Minor's Acts of Molestation Member access only

Church Treasurer Sentenced to Six Years at Hard Labor Member access only

Clergy - Part 2 Member access only

Clergy - Part 2 Member access only

Clergy - Part 2 Member access only

Clergy - Part 4 Member access only

Defamation; Invasion of Privacy

Confidential and Privileged Communications Member access only

Confidential and Privileged Communications - Part 1 Member access only

Court Resolves Lawsuit Addressing Pastor's Financial Mismanagement  Member access only

Clergy - Removal

Criminal Sentences for Child Molesters Member access only

Child Abuse

Defamation and Church Newsletters Member access only