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Legal Developments

Issues that affect ministers and churches
StateTitle Category

Intentional and Grossly Negligent Acts Negate Release Forms Member access only

Personal Injuries on Church Property or During Church Activities

Court Could Resolve Malpractice Suit Against Deacon Member access only


Ecclesiastical Abstention Doctrine Bars Court from Intervention in Dispute over Church Bylaw Compliance Member access only

Church Members; Clergy - Selection; Judicial Resolution of Church Disputes

Court May Rule on 'Secular Contract' Between Church and Former Employee Member access only

Employment Practices

Church Narrowly Avoids Liability in Advertising Services of Babysitter Who Later Molested Children Member access only

Sexual Misconduct by Clergy, Lay Employees, and Volunteers

Churches' Right to Remove Clergy Member access only

Charters, Constitutions, and Bylaws; Clergy - Removal

Exemption of Unemployment Services in the Employ of a Church Doesn't Violate First Amendment Member access only

Compensation and Benefits; First Amendment

Ministerial Exemption Prevents Court from Resolving Lawsuit Member access only

Clergy - Removal; Employment Practices

Ministerial Exception Prevents Courts from Making Defamation Charges Member access only

Clergy - Discipline and Removal; Defamation; Employment Practices

Local Church Retains Control of Property  Member access only

Denominations - Legal Liability

Court Intervention in Church Legal Disputes Member access only

Charters, Constitutions, and Bylaws; Church Members

Who Is Considered a Minister? Member access only

Clergy - Removal; Employment Practices

Is a Church Obligated to Share Member Records? Member access only

Church Records

Church Finance Disputes Member access only

Church Members; Defamation; First Amendment

Interference with Contract Member access only

Employment Practices; Overtime Pay

The Ministerial Exception and Sex Discrimination Member access only

Clergy - Removal; Schools

YMCA Ordered to Pay "Future Mental Anguish Damages" Member access only

Denominations - Legal Liability; Sexual Misconduct by Clergy, Lay Employees, and Volunteers

Woman Sues Pastor for Divulging Confidential Information Member access only

Church Members; Confidential and Privileged Communications; Counseling; Malpractice

Lawsuits by Dismissed Clergy  Member access only

Clergy - Removal; Defamation

Church Property - Part 2 Member access only

Church Property