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About Us

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  • +Our Mission and Vision
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    Manage My Reports

  • +How do I download my report?
  • +Where are my saved reports?
  • +How do I rename a report?
  • +What if my report is not in the Saved Reports?

    Understanding the Data

  • +Where does ChurchSalary’s data come from?
  • +What does the COLA data include?
  • +I have a question about the data in a report. Who can I contact?
  • +How often is ChurchSalary’s data updated?
  • +My position isn’t listed. What should I do?
  • +There isn’t data for my position. What should I do?
  • +How do I interpret the data?
  • +I’ve got my report. Now what?
  • +Can I get a report that is even more specific to my job duties, location, etc.?

    Manage My Subscription

  • +How do I get access to ChurchSalary?
  • +How do I set up my login?
  • +How do I renew my annual access?
  • +We are a local church and have purchased a subscription to Church Salary. With whom can we share the login?
  • +What is included in my “annual access” membership to ChurchSalary?

    Additional Resources on Compensation

Lilly Endowment

ChurchSalary is made possible through funding from the Lilly Endowment Inc. As part of Lilly's "National Initiative to Address Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders," ChurchSalary—and our parent, Church Law & Tax—is committed to helping church leaders and pastors develop an atmosphere of healthy financial stewardship, especially in the area of church staff compensation.