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October 2009
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Q&A: Driver Liability

Q&A: Driver Liability Member access only

Who is liable when church volunteers drive for church events?

Q&A: Church Treasurer Slow to Issue Forms

Can I file taxes without a W-2?

Q&A: Is Paying Our Pastor's Life Insurance Premium a Taxable Fringe Benefit?

There are tax Consequences for such an action.

Q&A: Churches and Form 990 Member access only

How do you know if your tax exemption status is still valid with the IRS?

Q&A: Creating a "Paid Time Off" Policy Member access only

What legal and procedural issues do churches need to know before implementing a PTO program?
Q&A: Housing Allowance Designation

Q&A: Housing Allowance Designation Member access only

Can I apply a housing allowance to an IRA?

Q&A: Valuing Volunteer Labor Member access only

Are donated services deductible?

Q&A: Liability for Hired Workers Member access only

Can we be liable if someone is injured while mowing church lawn?

Simple Tips to Making Your Church Accessible

It's essential you know how to get people in and around your facilities with ease.