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May 2010
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Simple Guide to Internal Controls

Basic principles for protecting church finances.

Q&A: Disciplining Church Employees Member access only

My executive pastor is attempting to add more requirements to the employee discipline agreement I signed. What can I do?

Q&A: Recording Check Numbers for Tithes and Offerings

Does the check number need to be recorded on our weekly count sheets for offerings?
Is My Church Covered?

Is My Church Covered? Member access only

Why now is a smart time for leaders to evaluate insurance coverage.

Before Your Church Hires a Maintenance Contractor

The immediate objective is to match the job with the talents of the person or company you wish to hire.
Protecting Church Leaders from Porn

Protecting Church Leaders from Porn

The technology and practices needed for the church office.

Safe and Legal Fundraising Member access only

Use safety precautions when planning your next fundraiser.

Q&A: Reducing Liability for Church Board Members

Can a church board be sued for mishandling a situation involving the pastor?

Q&A: Board Members' Individual Liability

Are individual board members liable for their own actions as well as other board members' decisions?

Q&A: Church's Responsibility for Board Decisions

It's important to understand if board members are acting with "apparent authority."

Q&A: When the Church Board Mishandles Situations

Can the church hold the board or its individual members liable?

Q&A: Enforcing Restraining Orders Member access only

What is our church's responsibility when presented with a restraining order?

Q&A: Posting Personal Information on the Web Member access only

What concerns should our church have about posting personal information online?

Q&A: Securing Financial Records

Should our treasurer and bookkeeper be the only ones to have access?

Q&A: Storing Church Funds Member access only

Can church funds and checkbooks be stored at a member's house?

Q&A: Sex Offender Wants to Serve in Children's Ministry Member access only

Should we allow him to volunteer?

Q&A: Establishing a 501(c)(3) Ministry at Church Member access only

Do we need to start a separate tax-exempt entity?

Business Savvy, Church Sensitive

How—and when—business world practices can aid HR at churches.