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Fringe Benefits for Church Staff

The right package can save you big tax dollars.

Fringe Benefits for Church Staff

Churches typically offer employees a variety of tax-free, tax-deferred benefits. But all too often, church employers take too casual an approach to such benefits. They tell their employees how much money the church has to spend, then ask the employees to decide what fringe benefits they want. Other churches do not adequately document benefit plans.

Better planning would maximize the tax credits of such benefits for employees. It would also help churches to comply with IRS rules about benefits.

Benefits to Include

Health insurance. This is a top priority for church staff. Employer-paid group health insurance premiums are free from income tax and social security tax. Since health plans often cost $10,000 per employee per year or more, the tax-free benefits for churches can run several thousands of dollars per year. This benefit covers group premiums directly paid by a church. (See the Affordable ...

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