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Safe on the (Play)Ground

Follow these guidelines to keep playtime as carefree as possible.

Safe on the (Play)Ground

Besides the fun and exercise that playgrounds provide for children, they also can be the scenes of serious accidents. You can't prevent every mishap, but you can reduce the risk of accidents with proper playground design and equipment care.

Today, many new churches include colorful indoor playgrounds. They're designed so kids will enjoy church so much they'll beg their parents to return. Keeping an indoor playground in good repair is just as important as maintaining one outdoors. Use the following tips to help your clients plan and maintain a playground—indoors or out.

Playground Design

Use equipment designed for playgrounds. Don't design your own equipment. Instead, buy from a manufacturer that adheres to strict industry standards. Your manufacturer should follow guidelines set by ASTM International, one of the largest developers of standards in the world. The guidelines are designed ...

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