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Four Good Questions for Churches about Cash Reserves

Keeping funds handy to deal with unexpected surprises.

Four Good Questions for Churches about Cash Reserves

Editor's Note: We frequently field questions from churches about cash reserves. A general rule of thumb is for churches to maintain a minimum of three months of cash on hand related to expenses. We recently asked Michael Batts, an Editorial Advisor for ChurchLawAndTax.com and the managing partner for Batts Morrison Wales & Lee, a national CPA firm serving nonprofits and churches, about adequate levels of cash reserves, plus a couple of questions about demonstrating the need for reserves to senior church leadership.

Is it a good idea to have cash reserves?

Generally, yes. Part of good stewardship is planning for the future. Consider the story of Joseph and planning for the famine. And consider that Malachi describes bringing the tithes into the "storehouse."

From an operational perspective, maintaining reasonable cash reserves represents good stewardship by allowing a church ...

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Michael (Mike) E. Batts is a CPA and the managing partner of Batts Morrison Wales & Lee, P.A., an accounting firm dedicated exclusively to serving nonprofit organizations across the United States.

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  • January 8, 2014