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October 2014

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Ebola: Here and Abroad

Ebola: Here and Abroad Subscriber access only

CDC experts weigh in on disease basics, how church leaders can locally respond, and travel advisories.
Lessons from the Houston Church Subpoena Saga

Lessons from the Houston Church Subpoena Saga Subscriber access only

Why it happened—and what pastors and leaders should know about their rights.
Understanding Worship Music Copyright Law

Understanding Worship Music Copyright Law  Subscriber access only

How to lead with integrity.

Receive a customized salary report for up to 18 different ministry positions. Learn how your church should compensate based on size, budget, location, and employee work experience.

Avoiding Costly Tax-filing Mistakes

Avoiding Costly Tax-filing Mistakes Subscriber access only

Describes several common errors to watch out for when filing minister's taxes.
Starting a Disaster Response Ministry

Starting a Disaster Response Ministry Subscriber access only

Safely and effectively serve people whose lives have been overturned by a disaster.