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Tips for Christmas Event Safety

Beautiful decorations can be hazards if you’re not careful.

Many churches step outside their usual way of doing things around the holidays. There are special services, decorations, and events that keep us busy, excited—and sometimes unsafe. With that in mind, how can we keep members and visitors safe during the holidays?

Parking Lots and Walks

It begins in the parking lots. Many events take place in the evening during this season, so churches should check to see that there is adequate lighting in the parking lot and around the building. For those in locations that receive snow and ice, a solid plan to keep the lots and outside walkways clear is non-negotiable.

Steps and Entryways

Always make sure steps and entryways are clean and dry. This may mean having salt and a shovel at each entrance and a plan for someone to be responsible to keep it cleaned off anytime someone is going to be at the church. And don’t neglect just inside the door. Often ...

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