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Q&A: Can We Give an Honorarium to a Visiting Missionary?

Why purpose, amounts, and the right visa make a world of difference.

Q&A: Can We Give an Honorarium to a Visiting Missionary?

We have been supporting a pastor in South Sudan for many years. However, we have not been able to send him support for some time, due to the lack of a qualified organization (he's currently displaced in Juba and serving other displaced people). He will be in the US for a conference at the end of this month. If we give him an honorarium for speaking at our church, are there any restrictions on the amount we can give or on his eligibility to take the money back to South Sudan? There is nothing in place to track how he uses the money once he returns to the country he’s serving.

The answer depends on the visa the pastor received to visit the US. If he has a tourist visa, he may not receive any compensation from you. If he received a US visa that allows him to earn an honorarium while in the US, you may pay him a reasonable honorarium, like you would pay any other guest minister speaking ...

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