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Tips for Congregations Threatened by Wildfires

Three things your church should do right now.

Tips for Congregations Threatened by Wildfires

The recent disaster in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, has brought national attention to wildfires. Though significant progress has been made on containing this dangerous wildfire, it continues to threaten residents—and churches—in the state, and it’s not the only one.

According to the National Interagency Fire Center there are currently 7 states reporting a total of 15 large active fires that have already destroyed over 95,000 acres in the Southeast.

In the following, I share a few “just-in-time” tips for congregations threatened by an active wildfire but who still have time to carry out a few essential preparedness activities.

The window of time for being able to implement these recommendations is closing for a lot of communities and already passed for others. Sadly, for some, this article is too late as the damage has been done or flames are approaching too quickly to ...

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