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October 2017
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5 Ways to Protect Your Church

How to implement thorough policies and procedures.

How to Finish the Year Strong

Get a head start on year-end tasks.

Retirement Savings and the Rule of 72s Member access only

What pastors and church staff can learn about the power of compounding.

Making a Motion

Infographic: What making a main motion looks like during a meeting.
Why Churches Should Invest in Security Cameras

Why Churches Should Invest in Security Cameras Member access only

Five benefits of video surveillance systems, according to the experts.

11 Ways to Love Your Leader

Tips for making the most of Pastor Appreciation Month.
When Are Church Employment Practices Subject to the ADA?

When Are Church Employment Practices Subject to the ADA? Member access only

Understanding the church’s employer duties and avoiding potential landmines.

Planning Your Pastor's Retirement Member access only

Webinar Recording: What you need to create and follow a successful retirement plan.