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When Are Church Employment Practices Subject to the ADA?

Understanding the church’s employer duties and avoiding potential landmines.

When Are Church Employment Practices Subject to the ADA?

A church office manager has been slipping in job performance lately and has taken many days off for doctor’s appointments. When confronted by the supervisor, the employee admits to struggling at work due to life circumstances and feeling depressed. The supervisor warns the employee to improve job performance or else termination may be necessary. As time passes, the employee’s performance continues to decline. The employee takes more time off from work, and sends the church an email from her doctor requesting four weeks off to recover from depression. The church’s business administrator doubts the office can operate effectively for that long without the office manager. The next day, the church terminates her for poor job performance.

The church is sued by the office manager for disability discrimination and failing to accommodate her disability of chronic depression. In disbelief, ...

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  • October 13, 2017