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Child Abuse: Emerging Trends from the Biggest Legal Threat to Churches

Important insights and best practices for keeping your church and children safe from child abuse.

Child abuse remains a perennial top reason churches go to court each year. Recent headlines nationwide only confirm this reality. From jury verdicts doling out multimillion-dollar damages awards, to expanded statutes of limitation for victims to come forward, to new interpretations of the clergy-penitent privilege affecting abuse reporting, the evolving nature of this issue demonstrates the need for church leaders to remain vigilant and intentional about protecting children and youth in their ministries.

Attorney and senior editor Richard Hammar joined Church Law & Tax content editor Matthew Branaugh to discuss these emerging trends. In this video, Hammar also provides valuable best practices and standards churches should follow to prevent possible abuse and avoid costly and painful litigation.

Download the presentation slides here.

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  • July 22, 2020

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