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Responding to Highly Contagious Illnesses

Ways to decrease the risk of infection and keep your congregation safe. Plus, link to the free PDF from Christianity Today, “A Concise Coronavirus Guide for Churches”

Responding to Highly Contagious Illnesses
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Mass viral illness outbreaks such as H1N1 in 2009 or COVID-19 in 2020, and the resulting media coverage, have many ministry leaders wondering what to do to keep their congregations healthy and their organizations running.

Quick Ways to Stop the Spread

There are some important steps to take to reduce its spread within your own faith community.

Make adjustments to your typical Sunday morning activities at church. To decrease the risk of the virus spreading through handshakes and other routine touch, your pastors and lay leaders may want to make an announcement that they are suspending physical contact and ask that the congregants respect those who wish to do the same.

Rethink communion. If your church traditionally uses one cup during communion for participants, you may want to switch to individual cups for as long as the threat continues. One common loaf of bread could also pose a problem and ...

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