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Confronting Harassment in the Church

Insights on how church leaders can confront harassment and foster the type of healthy culture that honors Christ.

Workplace sexual harassment has gained renewed attention after recent high-profile cases emerged in the realms of entertainment, media, sports, and politics. One result: the growing #MeToo movement, and legislative responses from a small-but-growing number of states that now mandate employers of certain sizes to conduct annual sexual harassment training.

Regrettably, churches aren’t immune from the problem of harassment, as a new Church Law & Tax survey report shows—and in the case of mandated training by states, churches are increasingly not exempt from legally required training. Now more than ever, church leaders must recognize this problem, the responsibilities that come with addressing it—and act.

In this, one-hour webinar, attorney Theresa Sidebotham—an advisor-at-large for Church Law & Tax—joined Church Law & Tax Content Editor Matthew Branaugh to discuss how church leaders confront harassment and explain the ways leaders can foster the type of healthy culture that honors Christ.

Highlights Include:

  • Defining sexual harassment
  • Policies and training
  • Helpful Resources

Download the presentation slides here.

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  • October 12, 2020

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