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Avoiding Unexpected Surprises with Church Compensation

Asking and answering key questions about housing, love gifts, sabbatical plans, expense reimbursements, and other situations that churches face.

Getting compensation right for ministers and staff is a constant challenge for church leaders. Budgets are typically tight, often leaving salary amounts lower than desired. Many congregations consequently turn to special compensation arrangements to help ease the sting, hoping their efforts still honor their staffs and retain them for years to come.

But which of these perks to offer, and how to offer them, can lead to unexpected and painful surprises for both churches and employees if they’re incorrectly handled. Problems especially surface with housing, love gifts, sabbatical plans, and expense reimbursements.

That’s why Church Law & Tax and ChurchSalary are pleased to feature CPA Elaine Sommerville, one of its senior editorial advisors and author of its newly released Church Compensation, Second Edition. During this conversation, hosted by Content Editor Matthew Branaugh, Sommerville navigates the common—and not-so-common—surprises created by special compensation situations, using her decades of church experience to address them.

Key Topics:

  • Housing allowance
  • Love gifts
  • Sabbatical plans
  • Business expense reimbursements

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  • March 18, 2021

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