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Navigating Vaccine and Mask Mandates

An attorney explores the best courses of action for churches to take.

Navigating Vaccine and Mask Mandates

Several years before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, I examined the question of what rights the government had to require vaccinations, particularly with regard to children. In a 2015 article for Church Law & Tax, I offered these reasons why parents may choose not to vaccinate:

Some have done so for religious reasons, some because of their personal beliefs, some because they are concerned about possible side effects from the vaccinations themselves, and a few for medical reasons.

Since then, the question of how parents choose to handle vaccinations has rapidly expanded in light of the pandemic. State governments, as well as the federal government, have explored ways to mandate the vaccine developed in response to COVID-19. Similarly, the federal government and state governments have worked to determine how other precautionary measures, such as masks, can be mandated.

These developments have ...

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