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May 2022
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In a Battle of Bylaws, Court’s Intervention with Pastor’s Firing Found Proper Member access only

Appellate court says church dispute didn't involve doctrine, meaning lower court's decision could stand.

Protester Could Be Banned from Church Property—but Distance Restriction Found Improper Member access only

Attempt to prohibit a disruptive person from coming within 5,000 feet went too far, appellate court says.
Should Your Church Get Political?

Should Your Church Get Political?

Understanding the legal, theological, and pastoral considerations of political involvement for churches.

Former School Counselor’s Discrimination Claims Barred by Ministerial Exception Member access only

A woman fired because of her same-sex marriage could not pursue remedies against a Catholic school under federal and state laws, court holds.

A Church’s Insurer Was Not Obligated to Provide a Legal Defense for Congregant Facing a Lawsuit Member access only

Defamatory remarks made by a lay member on social media were not authorized by the church and therefore not covered by its insurance policy.

A Denominational Office Was Not Liable Because a Pastor Infected His Former Wife with HIV Member access only

A Mississippi case demonstrates how ministers are not necessarily agents of their churches or denominational offices.

Pastor Who Revealed Child’s Suicide During a Funeral Sermon Can’t Be Sued Member access only

Court: Ecclesiastical abstention doctrine bars lawsuit from the mother of deceased son.
Can Churches Assist with Medicare Premiums for Eligible Employees?

Can Churches Assist with Medicare Premiums for Eligible Employees? Member access only

There are specific rules and other qualifying factors churches must understand.

Court Barred by “Ministerial Exception” from Deciding a Gay Pastor’s Discrimination Lawsuit Member access only

But the case illustrates the potential for a church being liable for sexual harassment or creating a hostile workplace.
Key Tax Dates for May 2022

Key Tax Dates for May 2022

Along with monthly and semiweekly requirements, note quarterly filing and forms pertinent to your church or ministry.