Child Abuse Reporting Laws for Missouri

State and Statute: Missouri, Stats. §§ 210.110 et seq.

What Is Reportable "Abuse": Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, or neglect, or victims of sex-trafficking. [210.110]

Mandatory Reporters: Minister (defined as "any person while practicing as a minister of the gospel, clergyperson, priest, rabbi, Christian Science practitioner, or other person serving in a similar capacity for any religious organization who is responsible for or who has supervisory authority over one who is responsible for the care, custody, and control of a child or has access to a child" [352.400(1)(3)]), day care center worker or other child-care worker, teacher, principal or other school official, or other person with responsibility for the care of children. [210.115] A religious organization may designate an agent to report on behalf of the organization. If a minister, church official, or staff member does not report abuse, then the designated agent must be notified, and must report. [352.400]

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