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Child Abuse Reporting Laws for New Jersey

Last Reviewed: June 4, 2021

State and Statute: New Jersey, Stats. §§ 9:6-8.9 et seq.

What Is Reportable "Abuse": Physical, sexual, or mental abuse or neglect by a child's parent, guardian, or other person having his custody and control. [9:6-8.21]

Mandatory Reporters: "Any person having reasonable cause to believe that a child has been subjected to child abuse." [9:6-8.10]

How and Where to Report: Orally by phone or written report to Division of Child Protection and Permanency or via the state's 24-hour, toll-free hotline (1-877-652-2873). [9:6-8.10 and 9:6-8.12].

Timeline to Report: Immediately. [9:6-8.10]

Clergy Privilege: No reference.

Penalty for Knowingly Failing to Report: Constitutes a "disorderly person." [9.6-8.14(a)] Any person who fails to report child sexual abuse is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree [9.6-8.14(b)]

Civil Liability for Failure to Report Recognized? ...

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