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Midgett S. Parker, Jr.

Midgett S. Parker, Jr.

Midgett S. Parker, Jr.

Midgett S. Parker, Jr. is a partner in the Annapolis, Maryland, office of Linowes and Blocher, LLP. His practice involves counseling a variety of clients on a variety issues, ranging from government regulations to internal operations. He has won numerous major land-use cases before local zoning officers, boards, commissions, and councils. Midgett has lobbied federal, state, and local officials on matters as diverse as tax legislation, affordable housing, and land-use regulations.

Midgett has provided legal counsel to business, church, and developer clients in land acquisition, land-use regulations, financing, construction contracts, and dispute resolution in the construction process. His involvement for churches and other religious institutions includes legal representation through zoning and subdivision; permits and interaction with building inspectors; loan negotiation and refinancing; tax exemptions; arbitration of post construction claims; and final acceptance of the new facility.


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