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Failure to Renew Contracts

Can a school be sued for failing to renew an administrator's contract?

• Can a church school be sued for failing to renew an assistant principal's one-year employment contract? No, concluded a California state appeals court. The assistant principal's contract specified that "the term of the employment agreement shall be for a one-year period." The contract further specified that "it is understood that [the assistant principal] is being employed for a one-year period and that there is no obligation on the part of the school [or the assistant principal] to renew this contract at the end of that term." Prior to the expiration of the assistant principal's one-year contract, the principal notified her in writing that her contract would not be renewed. She was offered and accepted a teaching position in the school, and she appealed her termination as assistant principal to the church. When her appeal was denied, she sued the church for actual and punitive damages. ...

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