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A Church by Another Name

Legal considerations and steps for changing a church name.

Has your church decided on a new name to adopt as it moves forward in ministry?

If so, this wasn't an easy decision to reach. Your church committees and governing bodies carefully evaluated the potential benefits and drawbacks of the proposed name, and conducted their due diligence for the trademark. They counted the costs associated with a name change, both tangible (signage, letterhead, other printed materials, and so on) and intangible (risk of loss of goodwill developed through years of use of the previous name). It planned how it will use the new name in conjunction with its media ministries, along with its website and social media applications.

Now it is time to implement the change. But what must be done from the legal perspective to bring the new name change to fruition? What documents and registrations need to be updated? To whom does the name change need to be reported?

Here, ...

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  • June 26, 2014

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